Brent and I would be over exaggerating if we told you that last week was the greatest week of our lives. Wait a second, no we wouldn't. Last week was the greatest week of our lives. Bar none. Hand down. Not even close. 

If the feelings that Brent and I experienced in the days leading up to Ironman Wisconsin, followed by the incredible love and support we experienced during the 15:09:24 we competed through the hills of Madison Wisconsin and coupled with the feelings of utter jubilation we felt during our incredible surprise meeting at the Atlanta airport, could ever be bottled and sold, then Brent and I would be the richest guys in America. 

And in many ways we are. The love and support we received, not only during our quest to become Ironmen, but each and every day of our lives before and after is worth far more than all the money in Fort Knox. Hearing our names shouted and the non-stop sound of ear-deafening cheers for each and every mile of the 140.6 we covered is a gift that Warren Buffett, Oprah and Sam Walton would not be able to afford even if they pooled resources. The infinite number of posts on Facebook and "atta-boys" we've received since is quite simply beyond anything we ever imagined. 

So while we soak our weary bones and rest up just a day or two longer we want to thank not only our incredible fans, but also our equally incredible sponsors, neither of which we could ever last a day without. In truth our fans and our sponsors are worthy of Ironman status as you were with us for each and every stroke, pedal and step of our Ironman journey. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to newton running,, DYNAMO multisport,  Advanced Elements, Albopads, Freedom Concepts Inc., Gu, TyrBell, and LocumTenens. And thank you to the thousands of fans who support the Kyle Pease Foundation (too many to show pictures of each of you). 

Without you we are just Brent and Kyle. With you, we are Ironmen.