Tick tock…tick tock…That’s the sound I’ve been hearing as the Ironman is now less than a week away. As I mentioned in my previous post, can you imagine what it feels like to be approaching something so incredible; something that you’ve dreamed about for so long? This must be how every little girl feels envisioning her wedding day and then realizing her big day is on the horizon. My fingers are pins and needles not from nerves but from sheer anticipation as another hour crawls by.

Last weekend Brent and I did a nine hour training ride on the bike and covered about 80 miles traveling the roads of Smyrna Georgia, a suburb to the north of Atlanta. Though the Ironman itself is a 112 mile road, Brent and I are confident that we have put in enough miles so that ramping up the other 32 miles will not be a problem. We topped that off with a 2 hour training run and have since been tapering off leading up to the race. The key is to feel strong and confident in the days leading up to the race as over training can be just as harmful as under training.

We anticipate that our swim time will be about an hour and fifteen minutes to complete the 2.4 mile course and nine to ten hours to complete 112 miles on the bike. That would leave us 5 ½ hours to complete the marathon, a time that is well within our abilities in order to crack the 17 hour barrier and be forever known as Ironmen.

Someone recently asked me if running a 5k will become less exciting and a bit anti-climactic after becoming an Ironman. I can say without hesitation that I approach every race the same; whether it is a 5k or a marathon. The key is getting your mindset in the right frame to motivate you and find the drive within you to reach the finish line and give it your best race. It's the same way that each of us should approach life. 

I’m not nervous about competing in this race because from a mental standpoint I do this every day. It’s really just another day in the life of KPeasey. From a physical standpoint there are certainly a couple obstacles in front of us that need to be conquered but as a team it is nothing that Brent and I can’t overcome. I sit in my wheel chair for 14 -18 hours every single day. My life is a bit more challenging than others and that is not to take away from anyone else’s struggles, but if you face challenges from the moment you wake up until the time your head hits the pillow, somehow completing an Ironman seems a bit less daunting. We all have our hardships but mine can at times be a little harder. I have to focus more on making my life a success. In some ways maybe that gives Brent and I an advantage over those who aren’t faced with such daily challenges.  

Before I wrap up and get ready to lace up my running shoes I wish I could thank each and every one personally for all the love and support they show to Brent, to me and to The Kyle Pease foundation. To me, I’m just Kyle, I do my thing and often have to sit back and embrace what is going on because I am a bit overwhelmed by the support we get on a daily basis. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to help people which is why I started foundation. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect the love, the support and the admiration that we receive back on a daily basis and I just want to say that I am humbled by the outpouring. Grateful that all of you having chosen to Walk with Kpeasey.

On To Madison!!  ~ By Kyle

Walking with KPeasey is a campaign affiliated with The Kyle Pease Foundation, Inc (KPF). Walking with KPeasey works to create awareness and raise funds in support of KPF. 

The Kyle Pease Foundation, in turn, promotes success for young persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports and competition. Programs include scholarship opportunities, purchasing adaptive sports equipment, and participating in educational campaigns around Cerebral Palsy.