So I've been getting a lot of comments about my blog about people that you want to meet, like my family and good friends. My family is coming in a little while, but I want to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, John David Johnson II. John David taught me Leadership and Sports my second year at Kennesaw. He was very timid by me, but most people that meet me for the first time are very timid and don't know what to say. When I started cracking jokes, he said yea, this kid is going to be alright. So I ended up with a B in the class, but if felt like an A. I really busted my butt in that class. Every since then, JD and I have developed this very unique relationship. In fact, this is going to sound weird, but I look at JD as a big brother or a second father figure in my life. JD has touched me in a way that I will be forever grateful. He has taught me the love and passion for the outdoors in a way that I never thought that I could view the outdoors. I may be very limited in what I can do, but he shows me that the wilderness has no boundaries. His family is one of the nicest families that I have ever met, from his wife to his son, who I freaking adore, to even his mom, dad, and nephews. They are stand up people and we need more people like John David in this world. Besides him always laughing at me, for God knows why, to him laughing at my staff for carrying a purse on a canoe (she's typing this.... and the purse did not come all the way onto the canoe), I can honestly say that JD is the man, and I look up to him. So, hugs and hand pounds bro.