After some disappointing news yesterday, followed by me going on a tirade, I am still a very down. But I know that everything happens for a reason. I don't know why this happened but I know that I have nothing but the highest respect for my fellow co-workers and the clients that I have worked with. I know without a doubt that their business will continue to flourish and if an opportunity presents itself, I would love to go back there. I want to thank everybody for their unconditional love and support through this hard time and to let all of you know that it is recognized. I may not show it, but I want you to know that I cannot do this without you guys in my life. But now I must go on. As many of you know, I have been doing pretty well over the past couple of weeks and I need to keep my momentum strong. So today I had a photo shoot for my new website that went very well and have already started searching for some new endeavor to pursue. I will continue to prove all the nay-Sayers wrong and will succeed in finding a new job. Well I hope everybody has a good night and doesn't feel sorry for me because I am going to make it. Happy Valentine's day everybody or in other words, "Single Awareness Day." Haha. Fill in the blank at the end of this blog. G..E...T..__________!!!!!Now a message from gangsta: "HOLLAAAA at ya boi!!!!!" Thursday is a national K Peazey holiday! The big 24th birthday. Happy birthday big bro wear the shirt if ya got one.

K Peazey