Getting ready to go to this Halloween party at Elisha's house that I have been waiting on for the last three weeks. Its also a great weekend for me cause I got my boy down here from Cali.

So I was taking care of business... the three S'es as my dad likes to call it. Shit, shower, shave. As Ben was drying me off, he asked 'If you could dress yourself, would you enjoy it?'

And I said very quickly, without a doubt, I would in a heartbeat. This is just a constant reminder about the same question I ask myself, 'what if?' But you know, the people that know me, know that I don't think this way. I just live my life the way I know how to.

But, what if???

Words cannot express how life would be so much easier. But hey, I'm not complaining. The people that love me know me on a more intimate level. And, no, get your brain out the gutter, because its not like that...

So this is just a constant reminder. Enjoy life. Live life how you want to live it. Hugs and hand pounds.