Kyle Pease's Public Speaking Topics


This speech will give audiences a unique perspective of how to GET UP and make the most of their world. Enjoy life and GET UP!

Why Are You Here? 

We often ponder why we were put on this earth. We wonder how we will face certain obstacles in life and how things will turn out in the end. I will answer some of these questions and offer better ways to view your world and your life. 

A Cerebral Palsy Guide to Living  

This educational and informative speech will entice audiences to step outside of their boundaries and get a better sense of what life is like living with a handicap.

An Inside Look at My Life 

As the title suggests you will get a first-hand perspective of my living my life with the help of my aides. Learn what goes on behind the scenes and how I make my life such a success. 

The How To Guide For Living With a Positive Attitude 

Simple..Smile, Live, Love...The speech is uplifting, fun and entertaining all at the same time. 

Bring the Pease Brothers to Speak to Your Company, Race or Civic Group

Experience the Inspirational and Thought Provoking Words of America's Most Highly Recognized Brother/Brother Triathletes

Brent & Kyle will cover:

Together We Wheel

Hear the incredibly inspirational story of brotherly love and their desire for inclusion. Learn all about the Pease Brothers and their journey towards limitless achievement.

We All Have a Gift

Brent & Kyle share the story of the gifts we can all share. Kyle has countless gifts that people share with him; many as simple as opening a door. Hear more about how this incredible man spends his life helping others.

The Pease Brothers can also tailor speech topics to cover their racing adventures, Life with Cerebral Palsy, Growing up Together and many more.

This is a journey of brotherly love that you must hear!!

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