For 2018 we are pleased to announce more opportunities at The Peachtree Road Race.  This being the only competitive 10k division of it's kind there are a few requirements that must be met.

  1. You must qualify for this race (see below)
  2. Must be 10 years of age minimum to compete in Peachtree (as of 7/4/18)
  3. This is for the push assist division only.  Please contact me direct if you use a different chair.
  4. You must have run with your partner that you are attempting to qualify with
  5. Must be available on Feb 10th for a qualifying race in Atlanta - top teams from each division will participate in Peachtree (male/male), (female/female), (mixed division)
  6. If you qualify on Feb 10th you must have a 10k time with your partner under 45 minutes (male), 50 minutes (female).