What a month it has been.  To say we are tired would be an understatement.  But this is our "Fall tour".  This is our race season.  Come December it is time for the Holiday cheer!

If you have been under a rock, you probably missed Jon Crais finish a marathon under his own power.
Or perhaps you missed the news that 50,000 people ran a marathon in NYC just a week later.  Brent and I had our own "interesting" time at that race.
And if that wasn't enough...Justin Knight went out and completed an Ironman in Panama City the following weekend.
To say we are proud is an understatement.  To say we are overwhelmed is a bit off too.  But, we still need your help.   
Please consider joining us at our bowling event this Sunday. Tickets are available in advance by clicking the bowling link.  If you cannot attend we kindly ask that you consider a donation.  
Consider this:
Marine Corps Marathon Registration fee: $151
Typical 5k fee: $35
Jogging Chair: $850
Race Chair: $3300
Tandem Bike: $12,000
Boat: $800
Race Day Transport: $100
There are many things you can support.  We would love it if you select one of the items listed above and consider that to be your holiday donation to KPF. Even $10 will go a long way towards helping even more athletes reach the finish line. 
Please consider your continued support of The Kyle Pease Foundation and the athletes we serve.
Together We Wheel
Kyle and Brent


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