After a season on the sidelines, waiting for Opening Day, Kyle, Brent and the rest of the athletes of the Kyle Pease Foundation, were ready to lace 'em up, polish the chrome and wait for the starting gun to fire last weekend at the Publix Georgia 1/2 marathon and 5K. Below are the thoughts of Kyle and Brent and the images of this monumental day in KPF history...Together We Wheel..

Lining up in our usual corral for the Publix Half Marathon, I was in awe of the sight.  There was a full crew this year.  It wasn't just me & Kyle but rather 16 athletes ready to run like the wind! I couldn't help but get overly excited.

I began to jump and hop...excited for the gun to go off.  As the National Anthem played my heart swelled with pride.  In 2011 it was just us...just brothers. Now we were all brothers. 

As we took off onto the streets of Atlanta our bike escorts were amazed at the scene coming through downtown. The reactions were amazing. The smiles infectious. The volunteers were amazing.  We tip our hats to you.  We THANK YOU. The bike  escorts, the race organizers, the on course volunteers. THANK make this day what it is.

To all those who support us.  Thank you for allowing us to do what we love. MOST the athletes who we ran with.  You inspire us. You are amazing. Today you are now one of the best, strongest, toughest athletes we know. Together We Wheel!!

The weekend got off to a wonderful start on Thursday at the local Gordon Biersch Eatery where we hosted a Happy Hour which got the weekend off to a very positive beginning. There we ate, laughed, displayed our new racing equipment and maybe even enjoyed a sip or two.   

From there it was only a few quick days until race day where all of the KPeasey athlete started to get excited to kick off the season. The day began at 4 AM when we met after packing up all the equipment. The goal for the day was to make sure everyone was safe, comfortable and had a positive race experience throughout the day. Down to the each and every participant, I can confidently say we succeeded at achieving that goal. 

We were pleased to have one of Ainsley's Angels come and run 
with us from their Central Alabama Chapter. This was exciting as we believe that this is one sport where there is no competition  between foundations. Whether it is KPF or Ainsley's Angels, Team Hoyt or myTeam Triumph, we all have a common goal; to include others in the race day experience and to promote inclusion. It is not about the name on the front of the shirt, but about the people who are wearing them. 

It was a great time had by all as everyone was smiling and having a great time. Everyone was in a great mood and ready to race. It was great to see the foundation get off to such a great start and we will keep the momentum going.

There was lots of great media coverage and we love the fact that the focus was on the foundation and how things got started. CBS featured Greg and Marin Smith and showed other people that there is more to KPF then just Kyle and Brent. The Atlanta Journal Constitution also did a feature on Brent and me and the entire foundation. 

We had ten athletes participate in the 1/2 and six in the Luckie 5K. We can't thank the people at Publix enough for putting on such a tremendous event. 

We don't have another race on the calendar until June,  but if any athletes want to participate before then the foundation will certainly support them. In the meantime, our goals are to continue to promote the foundation and open our doors to more and more athletes.