Today is the clashing of two of the most momentous days of the 365 that make up our annual calendar...the calendrical equivalent of The Perfect Storm...that's right, today is the day that the Super Bowl meets Ground Hog Day....Essentially this is what would happen if scientists were able to cross Joe Montana with Bill Murray. When the Punxsutawney Phil meets Phil Simms. 

And in honor of such a day I've opted to share a bit of KPeasey Wisdom. But first an update on what is on the horizon for KPF. 

As the foundation begins our 2014 season we cannot wait to step foot on the course and get things rolling in a positive and productive direction. We plan on making 2014 our best year yet with a lot of big surprises along the way. 

We are focused on turning the direct attention from Brent and me and making it more of a Family Focused Foundation. We do not and never have wanted the foundation to be about us but more so about the athlete's who wear the KPF logo. Like many teams the name on the front of the jersey is far more important than the name on the back of the jersey. The Foundation is about the Foundation and not about Brent and me.  To meet that end we need to focus on how to get more athlete's and their family's involved.  

As in the movie, Field of Dreams we believe that if you build it they will come and our foundation's platform is to get people to see what we have built and encourage their participation. It is important for all participants to get out onto the race courses enmasse', as we believe that with numbers we will grow even larger. 

During the weekend of March 15-17, the Kyle Pease Foundation will be appearing at the Abilities Expo where we will have a table throughout the three days and Brent and I will be presenting a work shop during the weekend. The goal of the event is to promote inclusion and to tell all attending guests about KPF and what we are hoping to accomplish. For those not familiar with the Expo it is a great place to learn about merchandise and services that assist the disabled community.  In fact, check out the cute man at the 5:30 mark of last year's AE video

We are amped beyond belief as we are preparing for the Publix Half Marathon which is our first big race of the year. At present we have fourteen athletes entered and we would love to increase that even more by race day. 

And now the much awaited KPeasey words of wisdom as the Seattle Seahawks are about to take on the Denver Broncos on the National Stage. I hope for a competitive game and encourage all participants to leave it all on the field because you never know if or when you will get back here again. 

Participating in the Super Bowl is not an anointed right. It is a privilege and in many ways is like competing in an Ironman. You set your sights on your goal early in the season and work tirelessly day in and day out towards that goal. The goal is to turn your team into a champion. 

The goal in sports and in life is to play like a champion in everything you do. As players run from the locker room to the field at Notre Dame University they are greeted with a sign with a very simple question, "Play Like a Champion Today." By adopting that mantra, Notre Dame has built one of the winningest teams in college football history. So I encourage you to live, love, laugh, work and play like a champion. 

My question to you is, "Are you playing like a champion today?" 

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