Now that we have dug ourselves out from the infamous battle with Snowmageddon it is time to bring on spring and some serious running weather. If I never see another snow flake again it will be too soon. While creating this blog post with our social media director Todd Civin, who lives in Massachusetts, he carried his computer out onto his front porch during our Skype session. I have to admit, the fifteen inches of snow that fell that day was absolutely beautiful, but at the same time he and his fellow snowbirds can keep it up in New England where it belongs. If God had meant for there to be snow in Atlanta he would have created us with snow shoes on our feet. 

Our goal for the KPeasey Foundation has always been to promote
the efforts of our athletes more than promoting Brent and me. As a means to that goal we are going to begin featuring a KPeasey athlete in one of our monthly blog posts. We feel it is far more insightful to focus on the Naomi Williams and the Jason Dorn's of the world and all that they accomplish than it is to learn about what the Pease boys may do doing. We will be sending out some brief question and answer sheets in the coming weeks to gather the thoughts and stories of our athletes and Todd, the snowbird from MA, will be conducting some video interviews when he joins us during the Abilities Expo in Atlanta in March. 

Speaking of such, The Kyle Pease Foundation will have a recruiting table set up during the three day event which runs from March 14-16 at the Georgia World Congress Center. We feel it is a great way to spread the message of KPeasey while finding new athletes who may want to join us in upcoming races and events. 

And again speaking of events, two momentous ones were celebrated in the KPeasey family. First we would like to congratulate KPF Board Member Michael Kidd and his wife Andrea, on the birth of their beautiful new baby and future KPF Board member, Stella. 

Also, a very happy 29th birthday to my twin brother, Evan, who shares his birthday with someone very near and dear to my heart. 

Look for information on our upcoming Publix Race!! Until then remember Where There is a Wheel There is a Way...

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