Though Brent and I haven't started the race portion of our 2014 schedule that doesn't mean we haven't been very busy spreading the message of inclusion and the mission of the Kyle Pease Foundation. 

During the first two weeks of January we traveled to Baltimore and to St. Louis to speak before Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and Push America. I was a brother of Pi Kappa Phi at Kennesaw State University so it was great to became acquainted with all my new brothers. 

Pi Kappa Phi's Pi Kappa Phi created Push America in 1977 as a way to instill a sense of service in each of its young leaders. With over 155 chapters fundraising a total of over $300,000 annually for Push America, Pi Kappa Phi truly excels beyond all other fraternities in philanthropic fundraising.  

Pi Kappa Phi remains the only Greek organization to have developed and maintain its own national philanthropy. Creative fundraising events like bike-a-thons, scaffold sits and pageants have helped the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi collectively fundraise over $15 million in support of Push America's programs.  

Brent and I had the amazing opportunity to speak to brothers from the east coast in Baltimore followed by brothers from the west coast a week later in St. Louis. We are able to share our story as a way to inspire and motivate the members to pour their hearts and souls into their philanthropic efforts. 

It was an amazing experience to speak to a bunch of college students and to impart our wisdom and teach them through our real life personal experiences that anything is possible. Our talks were well received and we were the recipients of several standing ovations during each event. That was flattering but we  are fully aware that it was the message that received the ovations and not Brent and I and that is the way we will forever want to be perceived. The message is bigger than Brent and I will ever be and we would not ever want that to change. 

We look forward to many more speaking opportunities this year to further spread the message. I envision this as the metaphoric equivalent of throwing a rock in the middle of a pond and watching the ripples spread from the epicenter. What KPF is doing in the Atlanta area is the point where the rock struck the pond and now it is especially encouraging to see the ideals spread to Baltimore, St. Louis, and the rest of the United States and the world. The ultimate goal and feelings of accomplishment is to see assisted athletes competing and experiencing the thrill of participation around the globe. 

Aside from our speaking experiences we are putting together the race schedule for 2014 and are excited that we already have 12 athletes to participate in the Publix race in the spring. If you know of anyone who wants to become a part of Walking with Kpeasey please have them email us. 

We would like to thank our publicist Todd Civin for the upgrades he made recently on our website including the launch of our KPeasey Storefront which he refers to as Shopping with KPeasey

We are always looking for ways to improve so if you have any suggestions please step forward and let us know. Thanks to everyone for continually striving to make us better. 

Love Kyle

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