Well Brent and I have been laying a little bit low since Ironman, it
doesn't mean we haven't been busy and working hard at promoting the foundation. 

We are busily preparing and pumped beyond belief about our 4th Annual Bowling with KPeasey Event to be held this Thursday at 6 PM at Midtown Bowl in Atlanta. Though we have many incredible events throughout the year, this is always one of my favorites because there is no pressure of finish times and starting lines, just pizza, laughter and family fun...Wait a minute..with the exception of the pizza that actually describes every KPF event. The bowling event is a great time where families get together, enjoy a few hours of bowling, food, maybe a beer or two, rejoice in all the good that each of them has done throughout the year and hopefully show new guests what KPF is all about. At the same time we are raising funds to continue the growth of the foundation. 

Many of you may have heard that I was unable to join Brent at last week's Marine Corp Marathon in DC due to a hospital stay. I am really sad that I missed out on running with the many assisted athletes who ran there but am so proud of all who did compete and complete the People's Marathon. Especially proud of our own Teresa and Justin Knight and Ryan and Katy Freesman who not only completed the race but ran shoulder to shoulder with athletes from Push America, Ainsley's Angels of America, My Team Triumph and Team Hoyt Virginia Beach. Each time we compete with members of these groups and others it reminds us how far and wide the message of inclusion and sports for those with disabilities is spreading. That is the continued fulfillment of our goals and dreams and what Brent, KPF and I work towards. 

Thank you for the prayers and well wishes while I was in the hospital. I'm good as new as my doctors were able to put KPeasey back together again. Brent has been spreading the rumor that I was actually in the hospital getting a tune up before our bowling event but that rumor has not been substantiated. Game On Big Brother! 

Hope to see everyone there! KPeasey

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