Over the past few weeks, KPF has had many positive highlights, including two of our athletes doing their first triathlon in the Tri The Parks series that is held all around the state.  Justin Knight and Corbin McKenzie were rockstars.  They raced all day with big ole' smiles and it was just so awesome to see more athletes competing together.  Marin Smith completed her second duathlon on the same day..

Multiple boats on the water...SIMPLY AWESOME
 Racing with all of these incredible athletes is a true pleasure for me but possibly even more so for our AMAZING volunteers.  Curtis Henry who helped build our Freedom Concepts came out as our first bike volunteer and along with his wife Jen on the swim were a big part of Justin Knight completing his frist Triathlon ever!  It truly takes a village as we have said countless times and having people help make this all possible is a great source of pride!

J Dude rolling in with Curtis with a fist bump from Greg Smith! #togetherwewheel

Andrew Shanks and Taylor Pike pulling J Dude out of the water with Jen Henry in tow from an AWESOME swim

The very next wee,k the joy continued as Lauren Smith, older sister to KPF athlete Marin, donated money from her girl scout troop.! Lauren and her friends from troop 11591 were gracious enough to share $1200 from cookie sales to help KPF continue it's mission.  But it didn't stop there.  Lauren then entered her first aquathon at 11Global and won!!

Lauren crossing the finish line!

Speaking of 11Global... it was our second triathlon in three weeks and we took our same team of Corbin and J Dude  who went out for another race.  It was quite a day and everybody did a fantastic job, including Justin's mother, Teresa, who set a personal record during her run!! Andrew Shanks and Karl Otts started off the day with J Dude and Karl stayed out on the run for a fun day with J Dude who came in third for the day!
Corbin and Steve headed out on the bike!
Karl and J Dude after a great bike!

And coming in for a STRONG finish

11 Global was a fantastic day with so many people making the day so wonderful.  We cannot wait until we have 10 boats on the water and even more smiles as we all find the joy of competition and the joy of sport.  If you saw Steve, Corbin, Justin or Teresa after you would know what I mean.  Those ATHLETES worked hard out there and earned those medals!

Podium Shot

Again, I would like to give a big shout-out to all of the volunteers who have made the past couple of weeks possible.  Curtis, Erica, Amy, Jen, Andrew, Eric, Taylor, Karl, Richard, Chuck, JD and all of the race volunteers we cannot say it enough but THANK YOU.   Without you guys, none of this is possible and we cannot wait to join you again!!  #togetherwewheel


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