"Together WE WHEEL"
Together we will make it a goal to race with more athletes this year.  In 2011 we hoped in Charles Harris because I wanted to try my new jogger.  I wore a golf club cover over my hand, we had pillows and jackets stuffed behind my back and legs, but it was a chance to experience what being an athlete is all about.
Yeah we looked like we knew what to do....
Not long after my first triathlon we formed the Kyle Pease Foundation to allow others to see that there are no limits others than those we place on ourselves.  In 2012 we sponsored our first athletes.  So going back to Charles Harris 10k in 2013 was special not in that it was my third year on the line, but our first with a KPF athlete.  Ryan & Katy Freeseman were athletes from the Holcomb Bridge Hustle 5k that were now setting out on a journey towards a marathon & this was the first step.  Together on a cold rainy morning, we toed the line and set off with our friends.  
Ryan & Katy headed towards the finish

Ryan & Katy were awesome on a tough day and together the father & daughter completed their first 10k together!! With tons of laughs & smiles this father/daughter team are sure to conquer a marathon in no time!! What a special meaning this year's race carried & what excitement towards the next one!

Coming up, we have The Georgia Publix Half Marathon and Cutie's 5K and our annual happy hour leading up to the race.  The happy hour will be at The Family Dog March 14th from 6-9 pm.  With live music and  delicious libations, our good friends at the Family Dog have promised a portion of the bar receipts from the night be donated towards The Kyle Pease Foundation. So be sure to mark your calendars and we will keep information coming regarding the event!

That Sunday March 17th we will be running in The Publix 13.1 along with three other KPF athletes.  Shortly after the race starts, the Cuties's 5k will kick off with another three KPF athletes on the line.  We couldn't be more excited about more races with more friends & hope to see many of our local friends along the road!

Thanks for all of your support!


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