One of our friends at Freedom Concepts made this great motivational poster and it really does help illustrate just how hard we have to work to be successful.  Not just in racing, but in our foundation and in our every day lives.
Just recently we reached 1000 facebook fans which marks a big accomplishment in our reach with our racing movement as well as our new foundation.  When we started this journey I had no idea that it would grow this fast and it is a big credit to YOU the fans and supporters who have believed and given us the opportunity to succeed.
I cannot wait for this weekend to take on the New Orleans Half Ironman and to share that moment with my brother Brent.  This will be my first half ironman and I am looking forward to just having a great time with the day and the experience.
Many thanks to all of you for helping make this possible from our Sherpa crew of JD, Dad, Amy and Sam thank you for your time to help put this on.  We always talk about how it takes an army and you all are some of the best!
To our sponsors: Dynamo Multisport, Newton Running, All3 Sports, Freedom Concepts, TYR, Advanced Elements, Gu, & Albopads many thanks for all that you do to help keep us on the road, in the water and in the races.  This is something we hope to do for a long time and we are so fortunate to have such wonderful support in our corner!

Looking forward to a big weekend in the Big Easy!


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