Being on the line for race day with my brother never gets old for me.  We talk a lot about how much this brings Kyle on the line as an athlete, like the rest of us but for me I get the same sensation.  This was our first race in our Eagle Racing chair so we were pretty excited.  Kyle and I got a 5 minute head start with the other wheel chair racers and we took off in the early morning darkness.
Off to the races!
Kyle and I like to set goals and today was no different.  We started with a goal of 1:42 but by the time we got to the start line we somehow thought 1:41 was the new number.  Through 9 miles we were looking good and both of us were focused and pushing each other towards the goal.

Look at Kyle's face.  Guy is focused!!
Kyle and I rocked some Gu Energy Gels and kept moving forward.  We had some great bike escorts for the day and they pointed out all those Atlanta potholes and helped keep us safe.  I didn't get to properly thank those guys but it was great to have them in tow.  As we neared Georgia Tech and some of the hardest parts of the course we really worked hard to stay on track.  I felt the mind fighting my body and remembered why we do this and tried to stay focused on our goal. As we neared the finish we saw we had it and even better we could make it at 1:40!! As we flew through the finish tunnel we got some great cheers and an even louder KPeasey yell as we crossed the line.  We hit the finish line at 1:40:35 good for a PR for Walking With KPeasey. 

Right across the line
I was spent but super excited at the day and even more excited to do it again.  I've told Kyle that I like to race but I enjoy it even more when we are on a team together.  The entire weekend was a great experience and what a way to cap it all off.


I love to race, and when that National Anthem played I got goose bumps all over.  I was like a horse right before the Kentucky Derby ready to go off to the races.  We hope to sponsor many more athletes like Jake and Austin but today was my turn and I was pumped.  5 am wake up call came early but my dad (our Sherpa) had me going early and helped lace up my Newton Running Shoes.  When we got to the race site we got all situated and saw some of our Dynamo teammates who wished us well on today's race.  Brent and I talked a few more times about the goal of the day and then we both settled in to get focused on our task.  Crossing that line as quickly as possible was the goal.  We want to get faster not only for our own sense of personal accomplishment but to hopefully inspire others to join the movement and share in our journey.  We hit the ground hard and did one of those fast first miles.  The guys on our bike escort were super friendly and for a little while we kept up the conversation.  Once we were pounding through midtown though it was all business.
Hug those corners.  Love this new racer!
The miles kept ticking away and I kept urging Brent on.  We saw JD and our dad out on the road snapping photos and making sure we had what we needed.  It takes an army and we got some good ones in our corner.  As we hit the final miles we both pushed hard for the goal and when we crossed the line we had it.  1:40!! I let out a big yell as we came across the line and even managed a few smiles for the camera.
1st and 2nd place wheelchair and Former World Champion Zola Budd
Being out there and pushing my body to the limit is such a great thing and being an athlete and pushing the limits with everyone else is something I plan to do as often as possible.  Many thanks to all our amazing sponsors and a special thanks to all who ran and raised money for The Kyle Pease Foundation.  This was a special weekend and I am even more excited about my first Half Ironaman (next month) than before!

Congratulations to all who competed and thanks to all who continue to shower us with support.
We all have a gift and it's up to us to open it up and share it.


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