When this whole walkingwithkpeasy got started, the idea was for Evan, Brent and myself to hang out and do something as brothers.  It wasn't that we didn't do things together but our lives were changing and why stop doing things with the people you love most?!?  We started with an idea to do some racing.
Remember the first one? Didn't even have it all yet.  Still had the golf club cover on!!

It's hard to believe but this would be the first time I shared the "field of play" with my brothers.  No more watching with mom and dad while they played.  Together as brothers we would be athletes.   But the best part was how much of a challenge this was for me.  How much I enjoyed doing all this racing.  I even solicited other friends to take me to more races when my brothers could not join.  So in looking back on what this year has meant to me, both on athletic and career and personnel levels, I think of all the races we have done.
3 5k's, 4 mile run, 1 10k, 2 half marathon's, 42.5k Bike Ride, 1 50k (31 miles) and of course two Olympic Distance Triathlons.  Even got first place in one of the tri's this year!
The first one together was pretty awesome!

Being an athlete is something I never thought possible but sharing that with my brother's made the year all the better.  Cannot wait to see what 2012 will hold but I already have my eyes on a half ironman and plenty more races.  So stay tuned, share our story and please keep sending the support!!
Last race of 2011 was quite chilly...

A special thank goes out to Tri Kids and David Dashiell who really got the ball rolling for us and without who we might still be at Taco Mac...
And to our other sponsors: All3Sports, Dynamo Multisport, Freedom Concepts, BlueSeventy, Gu, Witzlib Fitness Studio, Albopads, we cannot thank you enough for everything you did to make 2011 so special.

For your viewing pleasure we have a highlight reel of 2011 from our Iron Sherpa John David Johnson
Here's to 2012 and beyond!!