It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks for all things KPeasey but even more so a great year. Since I last posted my brother has gotten married, we have launched our non profit foundation and competed in our first ultra distance run.

The launch of the Kyle Pease Foundation was especially important to me as I have always felt this movement should be about more than just me.  I want to share the gifts we all have and hope to race alongside some KPeasey recipients in our next races.  
At first I was nervous about the event but it was a huge success and far exceeded my expectations.  We raised over $8,000 and had a great time bowling with all our friends and supporters.  We plan to add races to our website soon but immediate plans call for me to compete in the Publix Half Marathon next March alongside a sponsored athlete.  We all truly do have a gift and I look forward to sharing so many of those.
KPF board members after a great night!

After the bowling excitement, it was time for one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving.  Food, family, friends and of course the Pease family bonfire!!
Look at Brother Evan...the consumate conversationalist!

Thanksgiving is most important to me as it reminds me of how fortunate and blessed I am to be around so many loving friends and family.  Thank you to you all for making a difference.

Then of course came the final event of 2011.  It was just a blip on our calendar.  A chance to find out what a long effort was like and maybe how my body would hold up for those longer triathlons...

So off we went to Tallahassee, FL for the Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic.  The race was a 50k or 31 miles and even though I was excited to race again I just wasn't sure what to expect.  When we arrived in the early hours of the morning it sure was cold!!

I think I might have been sleeping

As we set off I realized something.  These ultra runners sure are different.  They almost spoke a foreign language.  I asked Brent what the heck they were talking about and between his ramblings I realized he didn't really know either.  But we settled in and actually were doing quite well.
Coming in on the second lap!! (three more to go)
 I enjoyed talking to Brent about race schedules, longer runs and of course Ironman.  I'll be honest a long run hurts, it was tough being in that chair for so long but I really want to push that Ironman.  I want to see 140.6 one day but I have to learn the ways my body reacts and this 50k was a great first look.
By the 4th lap Brent and I were both pretty tired.  Our conversation had slowed and all I wanted was Tab...yes they serve TAB at ultra marathons.  The volunteers laughed as I guzzled it down but man was it sweet.
Then we hit lap 5 and I needed to get out of the chair!! Pheww it was a long day.  My hamstrings were screaming and my shoulders were on fire...but I wanted to finish the race.  I wanted to prove that limits would continue to be pushed.
Crossing the line in just over 5 1/2 hours!!
 We came across in just over 5.5 hours and man was it a good feeling.  We had a great sherpa crew along for the ride and the support was tremendous.  Amy Moore, Shannon Kivipelto and Carlton & Holly Kitchens were all there in support.  THANK YOU ALL!!

Big thanks to Newton Running for letting us test those new shoes out, ALL3Sports, Dynamo Multisport for the continued support and of course Albopads for keeping me comfortable in the racer.  Gu Energy was along for the ride and all the support is always much appreciated.  Thank you so much to all our sponsors and supporters for making a difference.
Looking back on these past few weeks and more importantly an entire year we are truly excited about what is to come!!