Hey folks!

As we prepare for our half marathon this weekend we reached out to good friend Chris Jones to ask what his KPeasey band means to him.
Be sure to follow our race this weekend and remember KPeasey as you go through each of your days.


What Does KPeasey Band Mean To You?
The KPeasey bracelet is a great symbol of what Kyle embodies as a person. When you wear the bracelet you have no choice but to uphold these traits that Kyle expects of himself. Setting your mind to do something and completing that action is KPeasey. The bracelets are also a constant reminder that things can always be put into perspective. People are drawn to Kyle because of his attitude. Wear the bracelet to a Braves game, on Marta, around Atlanta, chances are pretty good you’ll run into somebody else who knows what KPeasey is about. The brand that is “KPeasey” is recognized everywhere, and people are proud to represent it, I know I am. Not everything in life is meant to be easy, but without a challenge not everything is rewarding.  

Kyle with Chris and Wife Colleen