Hello Kpeasey blog nation, I hope everybody is doing well, and please excuse my absence from the blog.  We have been working on a lot of projects in anticipation of a big fall schedule.  Evan, Brent, and I competed in a 4 mile fun run two weeks ago. Lekotek was the sponsor of the event which is very near and dear to my heart because they help me with my handicap accessible technology.  It was a blast to be out with my brothers for the first time since the triathlon. We were laughing the whole time just the three of us and it was great to be out there together.  Even my dad joined in the fun as DJ of the event.  Great to see him spinning like his old Syracuse days!!

Look at him and Evan bring back the Jock Jams

Unfortunately, the New York Marathon, which we intended to race in November, had some rules that we could not get around and we have had to take that off of our schedule.  We greatly appreciate the opportunity, and we hope to race one day with them in the very near future.  Thank you to the New York Marathon people for helping us try to get it worked out.  This past weekend, we had a race with Team Hoyt VB in the Virginia Beach Rock 'n Roll half marathon.  
That's me in yellow with the rest of Team Hoyt VB
What an incredible group of people both runners and volunteers.  The Virginia Beach chapter of Team Hoyt aides the physically challenged in running events in the area, and we were very honored to be their guest this past weekend.  They take great pride in what they are doing and we couldn't have been happier to join them.  Even more exciting our cousin and friend Paul McNulty (read his guest blog here too) joined us as well who had his personal best of 1:51. 
Here is the McNulty Family with Son Kyle, my brother Brent, his fiance Erica and my father (our sherpa!)
On top of all of that we improved from our last Half Marathon effort by over 22 minutes and came in at 1:44!! It was incredible, and it just felt good to be out there.  The weather was great.  Nice, cool and crisp!  It allowed us to get into a groove and go for it.  
We ran alongside some very fast runners.  What a great experience!
One of the best parts of the weekend came off the course when I got to meet baby Kyle.  There are a handful of young kids in my life that I absolutely adore, and this one is one of them.  One of the sweetest, happiest babies that I have ever met, and he had a t-shirt that says K-Peasey is my hero.  Having Paul his wife Abbey there in support was tremendous and always wonderful to be with family.  Even more exciting was the chance to meet baby Kyle.  Paul and Abbey have named their son for me and I was honored to be able to race in front of him for the first time with his father.
Meeting Elivs was cool too...

Thanks to my good buddy, John David Johnson and his son, my boy, Logan for taking us out for a practice swim for our upcoming triathlon, the Alabama Coastal Tri, September 10th in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  I am extremely pumped for my next Tri and look forward to racing again next weekend!  I have not had as much time on the bike since our last race, so it will be fun but something I have to get used to again.  The jogger felt good in Virginia Beach and even with a little soreness I think we are ready for the run portion.  The fatigue is something I look forward to as it means that I am working hard in those races and that is important as we continue to do more of this. 

The Kyle Pease Foundation is continuing to move in the right direction and we are planning more to help grow the cause and will continue to update the website with information.  We are continuing to work on many events for the fall, including a bowl-a-thon, and will be looking for ways to get others involved too.  As always, thank you for your continued support and we can't wait to race.