Since our last post we have been looking at different races we can get into as a group.  In doing so we realized that it may be even more important to be more prepared for those races. 
As such, the scene was set for a training weekend up North in the Georgia mountains.  Our friend Haley Chura may best sum up the gaps with her post from back in April.  This is not the first time we have been up to the gaps, and you may recall leading up to our first tri together, another big training weekend up in the mountains.

Yeah we climbed some of that
 The gaps is going to continue to help build the strength needed to do the bigger and badder races and maybe even set the stage for an Ironman for the bozos!  Either way you can always count on the gaps for some good old fashioned American fun!

Rocking Lady Liberty for a climb to the summit!
Something about climbing up and down those hills keeps me motivated to keep going.  Something about wanting to get better not only for myself but for Kyle pushes me towards those summits.  I am sure I could do other things with my time but why not just climb a higher mountain?

Of course it always helps to have some help along the way and as you can see we had a host of friends to climb those mountains.  As Kyle likes to say "where there is a wheel there's a way" and so as a group we worked up and down those mountain gaps.

Coming down the mountain

 It's the continuation of a journey but one with a picture that becomes more clear with each passing day.  We look forward to the continued training as one as well as together, and even more excited to get back out for some races in the future.

Thanks as always for the continued support!