The time leading up to the race was filled with anxiety and excitement as we readied ourselves for this journey together. Kyle and I rode down together in the van along with Kyle's friend Sam. Once we arrived we immediately began preparations for the race. On Friday we went down to register for the race and people kept asking Kyle if he was part of the Pease family. It was pretty exciting that people were expecting us and the folks from St. Anthony's Triathlon were incredibly accommodating and helpful. We had to register Kyle for a day pass to the USAT (governing body for Triathlons), but something tells me we won't be needing day passes anymore but rather the annual pass! After we registered we waited for the rest of the family to show up and prepare for our race.

On Saturday morning we prepared the bike and jogger for our race
I was glad we did the equipment check though as it gave us all a level of comfort for Sunday's race. As we readied ourselves for bed I was reminded what one of our friends told us, "that no matter how much you plan the race, it goes down the way it is supposed to go down" That thought could never be more true...

Race Day:
As we awoke at 4 15 for race day, Evan and I prepared all our nutrition and fluids and headed towards transition. As soon as we got there though we were informed the swim start had been moved due to the high winds. Additionally, I had to leave my new Blue Seventy wetsuit at the hotel as the water temps had risen over night. I got a nervous energy almost instantly and made some quick calls to alert Kyle and the rest of our family to bring Kyle all the way to transition for a revised swim start. Once Kyle arrived he looked a little nervous and all I kept thinking was that we had to remain calm and let the day play out the way it was supposed to play out. As we readied the boat a nice calm started to set in. I knew in only an instant it would just be me and brothers on the road together and that was it. As the horn sounded, I took off on the swim and settled in for the day.
Being out there with Kyle was amazing, I couldn't believe how light the boat felt. I got excited took a few glances back at Kyle and before I knew it the swim was over. As soon as I got out of the water Evan was with us helping get Kyle squared away for the long jog back to transition.
As we headed out for the bike the crowds were amazing, not only our friends and family but also all the other spectators. They all rooted us on and their energy was something else. As Kyle and I headed out on the bike I warned him to just relax and save it for the final stretch of the run. It was going to be a long day and we were just getting going.

The bike was amazing, Freedom Concepts had Kyle comfortable and had us on a bike that was ready for a race. What might have been the best part of the bike, was being able to enjoy a bike ride with Kyle. We had never done anything like that before together for a ride like this...
When we were kids we used to have to put Kyle inside a buggy behind the bike and never got to enjoy the rides with him. Today was different though as we flew across the road and before we knew it Evan was grabbing the bike from us and helping push us back to the run.

The run was hot but our family was all over the road and thanks to some last minute help from AlboPads Kyle was pretty settled in for a race to the finish! Evan and I kept talking with Kyle to make sure he had enough Gu to fuel the run as well as talking to each other to stay on pace together. As the miles started ticking away we got closer to our goal as brothers!

Not sure how to describe the finish line but it was unlike any other. Our feet seemed to get lighter, and we found that extra kick to blaze across the line!!
I wouldn't have asked for it any other way that day, but to cross the line with both of my brothers. Everyone had worked so hard to get to the start line and from that moment to the very end we were working together. As we all lay exhausted near the finish and before the dust had even settled Kyle was asking "what's next..."