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Here's the newest "What does the KP bracelet mean to you?" post, from my man JD:

Walking for K-Peasey, what does that mean? Everyone has such inspirational words about what it means to them. Do I wear it to remind me of my blessings? I guess I do!

I wear to remind me that I am blessed to know Kyle Pease. It often reminds me of how Kyle’s can do attitude and friendly spirit. It reminds of how I should treat people and how important family and friends are. The bracelet is a reminder of perseverance.

Kyle ran into barriers as many students do during their college career. He and I just figured it out and made things happen. When there was something in the way we engineered a way to move it. The Baby Blue Walking for K-Peasey bracelet is daily inspiration and a reminder to make at least one person’s day better. I also believe that Kyle does not take much for granted and embraces all of life. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we often forget that and assume that tomorrow will be just as good a day to do whatever it is because I will have time to do it then. Make time now for the people closest to you is what I feel Kyle would say.

Kyle does not let too many opportunities pass him by. I have had the opportunity to introduce Kyle an “inside the perimeter” guy to some adventure activities. I backpack and take people backpacking every semester. Some have never been in the woods before other have and yet I do not think it has had the impact on any student as it did Kyle. I have had the opportunity to share several hikes at Kennesaw Mountain with Kyle, a lake canoe outing, and I got to share the experience of Kyle Riding the Trolley 30 feet in the air and Swinging in the Trees on KSU’s challenge course. The little blue bracelet reminds me to share my passions with people in hopes that they we gain a new appreciation for things that they thought they may never experience.

My 5 year old Logan has a bracelet. He does not wear it often but he does speak of Kyle even though they do not get to hang out often. I feel that the bracelet is a reminder to teach Logan about diversity and that because someone looks different it does not mean they are different. We were recently on vacation when Logan turned to me late one night while we were sitting on a bench next to some steps and a ramp and said, “Daddy do you know why there are ramps?”

I replied,” Why?”
Logan said, “So people people in those things can get where they need to go.”
I said, “People in what things, the scooter?”
Logan, “Yes, people who can’t walk good.”
I thought he was talking about people that we had seen all week which comprised of seemingly healthy people that may have had orthopedic issues due to age or other physical attributes that would cause them to not be able to be on their feet all day. I was wrong.
Logan, “Yes, people like Kyle.”
I feel that Kyle and his relationship with Logan has made him more sensitive and aware.

I could ramble on but everyone has already stopped reading anyway. As I write this I realize that I need to do a better job of letting the “Walking for K-Peasey” fashion accessory remind to not take the people that are closest to me for granted. It is easy to do and you don’t get it do-over!

--John David

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