Hey Guys. Below is another entry on "What does the KPeasey Bracelet mean to you?" I will be doing a weekly blog about this topic. This entry is from a very dear friend of mine, my brother's girlfriend. Evan and Brent will definitely be back on the blog this week. Thank you for all your support during Walking with KPeasey as we are inching closer and closer. More to come soon.

Here's the entry:
The beauty of the Walking for KPeasey bracelet is that it means so many things to so many different people. For me, it’s a reminder to appreciate all my blessings and stop stressing about the small stuff in life. While Kyle’s daily life takes much more planning and effort than most, he often stops and wonders how he can contribute more to the world around him. So when I glance at a KPeasey bracelet, it’s a cue to think…what else can I do to make today better? It makes me stop and think if I’ve thanked my family and friends for making my life more wonderful, the same way Kyle vocalizes his love and appreciation for his support system. A dear friend once diagnosed Kyle as having a “servant’s heart,” in that he always wants to do more, do better, live bigger. I think the Walking for KPeasey bracelets are a call to action for all of us to do the same.

As I watch the Pease brothers train for their next big adventure, the desire born out of a simple wish to spend more time together, I know that they’re implementing all those grand ideas that the bracelet inspires. It’s a reminder that the small things in life like spending time with loved ones, making goals, and facing challenges can make the biggest impact.