Hey Guys! I am sorry that I have not blogged in a while. It has been quite a couple of weeks. I am pleased to announce from time to time you will see a water cooler on the back of my wheelchair that will pump water on my back to keep me cool during the hot summer days in Atlanta. I am in the process of writing my book on a tape recorder... so far so good. The days in Atlanta are very hot, but interesting. I have just completed the water challenge where I drink water, nothing else, well besides food of course, but strickly water as my fluids. The Braves are still in first place. The Falcons are about to come back, and yes, the Atlanta Beat. I am a soccer state of mind, because of Landon Dononvan's heroics. The good ole U S of A. I have been to more soccer games than I can remember, including the newest team, the women's professional soccer team, the Beat. The Beat play at Kennesaw's new soccer facility, and I have been to both games with JD. I am highly critical of this stadium although it is very beautiful. This stadium does need improvement to make it more user friendly for all guests, but kudos to Kennesaw. What can I say? Thanks for all of the support. Signing off,