yo yo yo! it's been a couple good days with the masters going on and baseball season. i went to the opening day for the braves, and it was one of the best sporting events i have been to in my lifetime. congratulations to jason heyward on a great opening day! you couldn't script j-hey's opening day any better! keep on keepin' on j-hey!

i attended a concert on thursday evening, and i have been really inspired by this new artist i saw - k'naan. his songs have really touched me over the past couple days. he sings the official song for the world cup called "waving flags" and another one called "take a minute" which is a great reminder about how we need to be grateful and appreciative for what we have.

i hope everyone has a great week! and if you have some time, check out kylepease.org to see some updates we've made to the booking page! peace!