It's that time of year again: baseball has started, basketball is going into the playoffs, and Sam and I are going to game 1 of the Hawks series. Go get em Hawks! And yes, the heat of Hotlanta. It's only April and if it's this hot this early, then good gosh what do I have to look forward to?? I sit on black all day and the sweat just collects. I know this may sound gross, and it is, but you know, I just want to tell you the facts so hopefully so we will come up with a way to help me stay cool in this heat. Just fighting the fight and grinding the grind. Marta is marta. Jobs are going well. The Masters went okay. Congratulations to Matt Kuchar. And to Phil Mickelson for winning his third green jacket. And to Tiger... you can fill this in yourself. My opinion on Tiger is that he is a phenomenal athlete and he has made some decisions that he will have to deal with.

Please check out the new booking page on We are continuing to re-vamp it and there will be a video up in the next three weeks. All the best and keep your head up because if I can do it, you can do it to. Yes I can!