In the newest installment of the blog, we will be profiling each staff member and going behind the scenes with Team KPeasey.

In the second installment of Staff Q&As, we are focusing on Amy Garland Moore (again, the bestest staffer in the world), the longest staff member on Team KPeasey.

Q: How did you meet Kyle?
A: Well, before we ever met, homeboy ran me off the sidewalk at KSU a few times racing to class. But we officially met towards the end of Spring 06 semester through some mutual friends... and the rest is history.

Q: What has been the greatest time that you have ever had with Kyle?
A: Oh, there are a few... 1) Deleware... every second of it 2) Private bus to the front doors of Turner Field 3) Inappropriate hugs from Alan Iverson 4) Bowling with KPeasey 5) Summer Fest 09... But to tell you the truth, I know the best is yet to come :)

Q: How would you describe Kyle's family?
A: Are Dick and Janis going to read this??? Kidding... Um, I'd say quirky :) That was the first word that came to mind... They are amazing though and have become my second family, my "Atlanta family". There's a lot of love in the Pease fam!

Q: Who all have you met with Kyle?
A: Alan Iverson, some Philadelphia bball player (Josh Smith?), Matt Ryan, Fred the 11 Alive sportscaster, a few Falcons coaches/staff members, and I think there are a few more... but I have a bad memory.

Q: Would you be a fan of a chapstick with a KPeasey label on it?
A: I am a fan of any and all chapstick.

P.S. Amy typed this and took a few liberties with titling the post :)

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