Team KPeasey is proud to announce their newest member of the clan, who is currently typing this right now with my watchful eye over her. Her name is Kirsten. She has already fit in with the family with some of her stories, which we will not go into at this time, but so far so good. Everything else is going pretty well. Just people don't know how to cross the street without blocking the intersection! So I have sat down, and here's a little Q and A with Kirsten. (She is taking over for Suzanne)
The madness has begun. Good luck with your brackets! I am not participating in it. Ok here we go.

Q: What's your favorite part about shower time with Kyle?
A: Well, we're about to get into the shower so I'll have to let you know afterwards.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with Kyle?
A: I don't know. Tonight's my first night, so it will have to be determined at a later date.

Q: Where are you from?
A: Virginia Beach... Come on Kyle, too easy.

This concludes this Q and A. Sorry we did not get too personal, but I will get back to you about some of her answers in much more detail.

Each week, we will be profiling a staff member and asking them questions. Saturday night it might be Hartford, Sam, Amy, Kate, or Myself. Oh wait, I don't take care of myself. So I hope you have a lovely evening and keep on, keeping on.