Hello Blogger Nation, we are taking a short break from profiling staff, but we will get back to it this week with profiles of Hartford and Kate.

First of all, I will like to invite each and every one of you to Kennesaw State on April 1st where I will be giving a comedy/inspirational speech. I am the headliner. KylePease.org is soaring to new heights with 4 possible speeches in April and May. Two are definite and two are in the process of being booked right now.

The new staff member, oh yea Kirsten, that's her name, she is doing an excellent job. :-) (You should see her face when I said that)

I just everyone to know how much I appreciate them and everything that they do for me to make my life a success. From Janice, to Dick, to my brothers, and to my incredible staff and support people to Career Sports, to Publix, and oh yes, to Marta. Thank you, even though Marta when it's convenient to them. You guys will never know how much of a positive impact, and how much I look up to each and every one of you, even if I have only met you one time.

Well I'm off to work. Keep on keeping on. Please come out on Thursday night if you're in the Kennesaw, and if your wife allows you to. Or your significant other, to be politically correct.

Peasey out Hugs and Hands pounds