this afternoon i went to have lunch with my buddy, ben, who works at the Equitable building in downtown ATL. so i take the train to right around the corner from where he works. i arrived there at 1:20 for a 1:30 lunch and come to find out that the elevators are broken to get up to the street level. i asked a gentleman who is a contractor for Marta to assist me, and he attempted to fix the elevators - but to no avail. finally, he says "can you go on the escalator?"... i said "excuse me, sir? there is no way that you can get 4 guys to life my wheelchair up an escalator." so finally after about a 25 minute wait, the elevator was fixed and i was able to enjoy lunch. really, Marta? there was no staff in sight to assist me in one of the busiest stations they operate.... i was a little frustrated to say the least, but i just kept wheelin'!!

hugs and hand pounds!

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