wow what a day. I rode a CCT (cobb community transit) downtown. so luck at what happend

The lift was stuck and wouldn't go down... so I couldn't get off. They were trying to get it to work but no luck. The driver was pretty rude through the whole process - worried more about liability than my safety. Amy got there and she transferred me to a seat on the bus and drove the chair out onto the ramp, got a couple big dudes to lift it and take it down from the ramp (that was about 5 feet in the air), they allllmost dropped it - gave Amy a heart attack, and then Amy carried me off the bus and put me in my chair. The bus driver was like I said rude through the whole thing. He turned the camera off on the bus in case anything happened and kept saying "you're taking full responsibility, right?" But I'm fine now. Some of the guys that were on the bus with me stayed and waited for me to get off the bus and were some of the ones that helped get the chair down, so that was nice of them.