It has been quite sometime since I last blog. At lot has been going on. I have invited back by work, on a month by month contract...which is great news. The birthday was a blast. A lot of good times, with family and friends. The website is coming along slowly but surely. Check it out at Right now we just have the photo gallery up. But it's going to look good when it's all up and running. Looking at going scuba diving. My first class is next Wednesday night. I think that this might be a good outlet for me to get rid of some of my energy. The apartment searching has sort of hit a stall, but I'm still actively looking and hoping to move out really soon. Went to the hockey game with Sam, the other night. It was good, but we got bored and left. But I'm looking forward to seeing LeBron James with Sam and whoever else wants to go! Should be fun! That's really all I've got for this blog. I will try to keep up, and blog more. Please understand that the past couple weeks have been a rollercoaster. Ok, good people! Take care!