Who reads this blog? I feel at times I do this for my own benefit, which is fine by me. Anyways, I have a lot to say tonight so sorry if it rambles on. First of all, there's a unique opportunity for me to meet the man himself, Mr. Ted Turner. GET UP FOR TED TURNER!!!!!!!!!!! The catch is I have to get dressed up, but I'm down like a clown. I'm gonna two-step to a piano. Work is awesome at both locations, a little tiring but it is well worth it. I have developed a slogan for my website and my life so check it out ASAP! It's a common phrase used throughout this blog, if only you could see my face right now, GET.........GET........GET UPPPPP!!!! I got a lot of people doing it at the office. This past weekend, I attended the Hawks game, saw a good buddy of mine, and that was good, but they lost. Who knows what's going to take place with this blog, I'm really considering turning it into a book one day. But we'll see what happens. The Man, The Myth, The Legend, in my own mind, no that's not the name of the title. Until next time, take care of yourself and eachother.
Thanks Jerry Springer