So my day began at 7:30 when one of my assistants got me up. Then I went to the bus stop after I ate some apple sauce. Then I waited for the bus for about 20 minutes. While I was waiting for the bus, I was thinking about everything I needed to do and saying prayers at the same time. When I got on the CCT, I went to the end of the line.

Then when I got to the transfer center, I ran to the next bus. Got on the other CCT to take me to the MARTA Arts Center station. When I got there, I had to buy a breeze car, though no one was around to help me get my money out.

Then, a sweet lady came and helped me. She asked 'Are you Kyle?'
And I said 'Yes.'
She said, 'I met you at one of your speeches and you did a great job.'

Then we sat on the train together and we talked. She got off before I did. When I got to Five Points, I transfered to the East/West line to go to Edgewood/Candler Park. I got off the train and ran to the bus to catch the bus to the edgewood shopping district.

My grandpa met me at the bus stop. And it was a lovely time. I got back on public transportation about 2:30. And did the whole thing in reverse order.

Got back to Kennesaw about 5:00, waiting for Amy to come and get me so we could come to our softball game. While we were at the game, she got injured. And her knee buckled.

So, Ryan had to come back and put me to bed and stay with me another night. All in all, it was a great day. It was a very training day. But it was well worth it. And I'm gonna do it again really soon.