I'm the hero...dayum straight even if its only in my mind. Yesterday was another K-Peasey adventure. It started out on the bus....dayum straight. My day started at 7 am and didn't end until 7pm. I worked, I avoided the rain drops, battled a cold, got yelled at by some over the hill dude that worked at the bus station. On top of that I managed to drop a fecal bomb on myself. People might call me crazy that I took a pair three hour bus rides to and from work. But sometimes I just have to declare my independence even if its at the expense of soiling some good clothes. However what I'm here to talk about today is its all about the will and the drive. Ask yourself do you have it? Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Are you willing to sacrifice to acheive your goals? If not its time to look in the mirror. Remember you always have to go after what you want in life. Never let anything hold you back. Even if its something small like going to work by yourself or walking just a bit farther than you did yesterday. Than maybe you may become a hero...even if its just in your own mind...dayum straight.