I wrote this paper for a class. Last semester. I hope you guys like it. Enjoy:)-Kyle

My Wish

The aspect of my body that I would most like to change would probably be my legs because they do not work the way I want them to work. I don’t understand sometimes why I was put in this position. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Most of the time, I just shrug it off. There are sometimes when I get very depressed and down because I see people doing stuff I always wanted to do. It hurts deep down inside. I know I just have to keep fighting and keep my head up. One day, I will get a miracle.

I want my legs to work because I want my life to be easier. I want to feel how it feels to stand up for more than ten minutes. I want to feel that burning sensation in your legs when you work out. I want to know how it is to walk up steps, to know what it feels like to run. I want to get another perspective on life. I want to be able to cook, clean, and do my own laundry.

I always kept this a secret from many people because it hurts so badly. There are some days when I cry myself to sleep. I ask myself why I was put in this position. Another reason why I have kept this a secret is because people don’t know how to respond to me. I often ask others how it feels to walk. They always hesitate because they don’t want to hurt their feelings. I want the truth because I really want to know. I depend on people to get me through the day and I wish that I could help them in the way that they help me.

Like I mentioned above, I really want to walk one day. And I firmly believe that one day I will have an opportunity to walk one step at a time. My wish is that no one takes their legs for granted.