Brent and Kyle accepting invitation to Ironman World Championship in KONA after finishing Ironman 70.3 Raleigh.  

Brent and Kyle accepting invitation to Ironman World Championship in KONA after finishing Ironman 70.3 Raleigh.  

Prior to today, my timeline of life has been dotted with some pretty unforgettable moments. If I had to tally them into a top ten I believe that the list would contain my graduation from high school, the weddings of my brothers, and my entry into college.
Prior to today, I am sure that my list would include the crossing of many finish lines, the beginning of our foundation only a few short years ago and the many smiles we've witnessed on the faces of athletes, family and friends as those KPF athletes compete in and succeed in another race.
Prior to today, among my greatest life experiences have been breaking the barrier in the Peachtree Roadrace and of course breaking the tape at Ironman Wisconsi and Ironman Flori nd earing the announcer bellow, "Brent Pease. Kyle Pease. You are an Ironman".
But then today came. And as wonderful as each of those life affecting moments were, they have become temporarily dwarfed by the magnitude of today.
You see today, just moments ago, Brent and I crossed the finish line together at Ironman 70.3 in Raleigh, NC. And that word TOGETHER needs to be capitalized. In official from Ironman approached as shortly after we crossed the finish line and said  "Brent and Kyle . We are proud to announce that you have been selected to compete in the Ironman World Championship this October in KONA, Hawaii."
Together we trembled as we heard the absolutely urreal words leave his lips. Together we were sure that we were dreaming. Together we cried as we heard his powerful words. Together we are still battling to catch our collective breath as we share this incredible news with you. Together.
This is  a dream come true. Who would have ever imagined that a man who has never taken a step under his own power would be blessed with the opportunity to compete with the world's greatest athletes in the Super Bowl of Ironman at KONA Hawaii?  The only thing more incredible than this is that I'll be able to experience it with my best friend, my brother, my arms and legs, Brent.
KONA will undoubtedly test our mental and physical abilities, but to be out there for 140.6 miles on the famous lava fields of Hawaii with the greatest athletes in the world is the biggest honor and Brent and I simply can't wait to tackle it.
Several years ago we didn't even have a running chair and now we get to compete among the best. This points to the pinnacle of achievement and the reward for all of our hard work. And yet, this is when all of our hard work begins. I can promise our friends and fans, our family and our foundation that we will work harder than ever to make the best out of this opportunity.
KONA does not back down and neither can we! We hope you will join us on this incredible journey we are about to embark. These words have never sounded more incredible, "TOGETHER WE WHEEL"
~ Kyle Pease






KONA is a lifetime of looking over the fence and seeing Kyle just waiting and watching as everyone else played on. 

KONA is a village of volunteers along for every step of the journey to help us get here. 

Kyle is a hero to many, but to me he is just my brother. The brother who grew up sharing in it all, the good and the bad.  

Come October we get to share one of the greatest challenges yet and Kyle won't be watching this time. He will be carrying me down to the beach, through the swim and out into the lava fields to pedal with me all up and down the Queen K. Then, hopefully, together we will run till we reach the finisher's chute, where we will hear our name called out as Ironman {men}.  

I am in awe that we will have this opportunity and cannot wait to share it with my brother. This is the culmination of our dreams. Together. 

~ Brent Pease