It was barely a year ago that Kyle and I were preparing for the biggest race of our lives. It still feels pretty fresh, as the triathlon world swirls back around KONA for the 2019 World Ironman Championships. While it is still fresh in my mind, I want to reflect on it one more time.

For those that dream, perhaps this will speak to you. Or for those that are brothers, mothers, fathers, sisters and family you will likely understand, too. Kyle and I both wanted to be athletes growing up, but neither of us would ever be the first picked. We weren't bad, or less able. It was simply the way the selection process worked out. When I ultimately stumbled into endurance sports and eventually joined with Kyle to compete together, the dream of being an athlete came flooding back. Like when we were kids in our backyard making up rules to whatever games we were playing, the dream became very powerful and through refusing to give up that dream, it all led to KONA.

Each of you had a hand in the ultimate success of race week. Your support was felt over every mile and throughout our entire week in Hawaii. Kyle often talks of finally being recognized as an athlete, but he has made me an athlete, too. Kyle carried me down to Dig Me beach and through the challenging waves of the mighty Pacific. He powered me across the Queen K, up to Hawi and back faster than we had ever ridden before. Then he coached me through the hardest run we've ever endured; through some of our darkest miles together and out onto the other side. We ultimately experienced one of the grandest finish lines we've ever known to be crowned Ironman World Champion athletes.

To say it was a special moment would be a slight understatement. As we look to Championship week this year, we are reminded of the perfect words from our friend, Dale Robinson, "When you [are] in the world championship, we all in the world championship." Together We Wheel. Thank you all for "Walking With Kpeasey"

The journey will continue and with more than 600 finish lines crossed this year by the athletes of our foundation. We look forward to closing out the year with a bang. At the end of October, we will have 18 teams in Washington DC for the Marine Corps Marathon and then on November 10th we will celebrate our year with our annual bowling and awards event at Bowling with KPeasey. We hope to see you all there to celebrate like World Champions!