Hello KPeasey Nation,

It has been quite a whirlwind the past few weeks since we were blessed with the announcement of our selection to compete at Kona and the training is really getting amped up. Brent has been training like a madman and brings me out to join him as often as he can. We are always serious about our training but getting prepared for Kona puts training into a whole new category. We will share more about our training regimen in upcoming posts. 

In case, you missed it, USA today did an incredible piece on our journey to Kona. They did a wonderful job of conveying our message that our trip to Kona is more than just to further the legacy of Brent and I. It's about what the accomplishment can mean to the foundation. This is an opportunity for the Kyle Pease Foundation to be at the forefront of something special.  Although we don't know exactly where all of this is going to bring us, I know that this journey of inclusion is something truly amazing. Kona gives us the opportunity for KPF to realize so much on behalf of our athletes. Our athletes and their happiness and ability to be included is the most paramount piece of our organization.

Brent and I are slowly beginning to realize the opportunity that Kona presents. Although it won't be easy and we give the utmost respect to the Queen K and the entire course, this amazing challenge will go down in history. Brent and I will give it our best to become the first duo brother team in the world to attempt and complete Kona.

Again it all circles around the foundation. The opportunity that it will present after the race is in the books will be a tidal wave is competing in the race will open up doors for more racing opportunities, greater exposure to fundraising  and even job opportunities for our athletes.

Speaking of fundraising. I am overwhelmed with joy to announce that KPF has reached their fundraising goal for Kona with a couple months to spare. Every dollar that was donated will be matched up to $10,000 by a generous donor.  Additional  dollars raised, above our goal, will go towards a  new equipment truck and a handicapped accessible van to transport athletes to and from races in a more efficient way. 

Before I sign off, I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge that J-dude will be taking on Ironman Wisconsin in September. Brent and I learned several years ago, what a challenging course that can be, but we are sure that J-dude and team will be up for the Cheesehead Challenge!! 

Until next time, remember Together We Wheel!!