Three weeks into 2018 and though I'm a bit late in blogging it is never too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year. So happy, my friends, to welcome to a brand new year. A year that will undoubtedly become the best ever for the foundation.

We have scheduled many events, including some very exciting new races as well as some we would choose to never miss. Like reacquainting with an old friend we enjoy returning to the events that have grown along with the Kyle Pease Foundation. Our numbers at the Publix Race this spring, for example, have gone through the roof and are indicative of the growth of the foundation. 

We will also be rolling out some very powerful inspirational tools that will set us up for success and though I'll hold off for now on sharing these I am positive you will hear more in the coming blogs (also known as a big market tease). 

Visit our website for the latest race schedule as our updated 2018 schedule is on the site

As we embark on this exciting year ahead I thought I would share my view on the always popular topic of New Years Resolutions. I choose to never have resolutions but choose to have goals instead. Like many, I simply don't keep a resolution. A goal is attainable while a resolution is something we usually forget about. There is passion in a goal. One is an idea and the other is a carefully orchestrated plan for success that we can put into action. One a fantasy; the other a commitment. The goal for KPeasey is built through every step every; every wheel and every mile. And though it is our goal in 2018 it hasn't changed since the inception of KPF; "To create awareness and raise funds to promote success for persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports." 

And we will continue to reach for that goal into the the future because as you know, "Where there's a wheel there's a way". 

~ Kyle