Though we make our home in and around Atlanta, we have made several trips over the past few weeks to spread the message of inclusion. It should never be lost upon our friends and fans that our mission is more about furthering the acceptance and inclusiveness of those with disabilities, than it is about lacing up the Newtons and winning a race. To have the opportunity to visit areas outside of our local zip codes aids KPF in accomplishing this goal. 

Our first stop on our road trip of inclusion, took us to Delaware, where we spoke at my cousin's health and fitness club to a crowd of about 40. It was great to talk about how anything is possible and it was a wonderful evening with all of our friends and family. We consider Paul and Abbey Mcnulty to be not only our family members by blood but also an important extension of the KPF Family and we appreciate their constant support.  We then journeyed to Newark where participated in the Fusion Inclusion 5K, where Brent and I had a PR and were the first overall wheelchair & AG winners with a time of 18:35.  So though winning isn't important, it certainly doesn't stink either. 

Brent and I then were able to share our message with all the race participants. A special thank you  to Nic Declaire, Steve Sinko, and Deb and Preston Buenaga for their hospitality. 

Now as the summer gets hotter so does KPF. We kick off our summer race schedule in three weeks with VA highlands  Summerfest 5K. It is a great race through the neighborhood and it is one of our favorites. They like us and we love them. We will be out in full force covering the area in a sea of KPF blue. 

After two short days off Brent and Kyle will attempt our third Ironman at Boulder CO. This race is known for their scenic views, altitude & perhaps a few hills. We are looking forward to the opportunity of competing with all the other athletes and to push another envelope. We will everyone posted and hope you will follow us on our social media outlets.

When we return we will go straight into the Peachtree Road Race, where a record  nine KPF athletes will be competing in our own category. This is a momentous event as this represents the largest contingent of assisted athletes in the race's long and glorious history and indicates that we are indeed getting our message of inclusion out loud and clear. 

Please remember to apply for the Jake Vinson Family Grant and to register for Camp Wheel Away.  Look to support your favorite participating KPF athletes leading up to the Peachtree as well as a gala event at the home of our dear friend and board member, Christy & Greg Smith.  

If it gets any better than this, I may not make it so remember, Where There's a Wheel, There's a Way! kp