It was cold, like it was really cold. It was early, like 3:30 in the morning early. But just like any big race I was excited to be up at that hour and ready to battle whatever was ahead of me. I checked on Kyle, he was breathing heavily, deep in sleep. I almost didn't want to wake him as he was working his tail off just a few hours ago... but it was time for us to take on our biggest day yet for KPeasey. We were about to welcome 42 athletes and over 200 runners and volunteers to the Publix Georgia Half Marathon. THIS.WAS.BIG.

It took over an hour to pump up the chairs, we ran out of coffee and did we mention it was COLD?! But that didn't damper anyone's spirits. Everyone ran around in our bubble of organized chaos. Everyone was patient and everyone was ready to run. We are running to the line, no sprinting. We've taken a tad too long and it's time to go. We get there just in time for the national anthem, my favorite part. I hug Kyle, so proud, the horn blares and we are RUNNING! Together We Wheel!

Seriously they couldn't stop smiling and enjoying their day. So proud to see how far this has come, so thankful for those that have helped make this possible. A big thank you to The Atlanta Track Club for allowing us this opportunity. A giant thanks to Helen Gardner for her tireless efforts, David Gaynoe for inspiring donations with his generosity, Jim Blackburn for being up at 3 am (even before the rest of us), our board & families for allowing us to pursue this with passion. Too many to thank but we are here sharing this because of each of you and your kindness. Our hearts our full, our legs tired, and our minds eager for the next run. Until then, Where There is a Wheel, There's a Way!

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