Kyle Pease of the Kyle Pease Foundation discusses pre-game strategy with Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan. 

I have been consumed with Falcons Fever….Can't eat, can't sleep, can't wait until kickoff...Rise Up in Brotherhood. Throughout the Falcons season, the team's major theme has been brotherhood. The bond of togetherness, the feeling of comradery and the desire to be there for one another is what has the team poised to compete in Super Bowl LI. 

In a recent story in the AJC, tight end beast Levine Toilolo shared, “It kind of started our season off, not only us getting work done on the field, but also getting that camaraderie and that brotherhood that we’ve kind of built here.” 

This really resonates with me as it mirrors the beliefs of the Kyle Pease Foundation. We are always there for each other to assist with whatever that may come our way. We are always there with a helping hand to make sure everyone is comfy in their chair before a race just as the Falcons huddle up before a play to make sure all out there on the field are comfortable with the play they are about to run. Two different teams...two winning teams...both with the desire to support one another to experience the feelings that accompany crossing a finish line.

Even though we play  different sports, we are both driven and inspired by a family dynamic. There is no I in Team....

There is no doubt that we will have challenges to get through and hurdles to get over while The Falcons take on the powerful New England Patriots. An Ironman has its own unique obstacles. We are athletes, just like the Falcons, hope to continue to win our own brand of championships through the Kyle Pease Foundation. Inclusion is our Super Bowl every race we compete in.

So line up for your fellow brother and continue to watch as Atlanta's finest: The Falcons and The Kyle Pease Foundation break down barriers and Rise Up to victory.

Brent and Kyle yuck it up during an interview discussing racing as brothers. 

Brent and Kyle yuck it up during an interview discussing racing as brothers.