In our commitment to "humanize" the members of the Kyle Pease Foundation it is one of our 2014 goals to introduce our readers to individual members of our team. 

Brent and I consistently try to reinforce the message that being a part of the KPeasey Family is not about us, but about the individuals we are lucky enough to work and play with. This is a real life example of the phrase, "The sum of the parts is greater than the whole." The Kpeasey organization is less about Kyle and Brent and more about the families we run with, laugh with, become inspired by and hopefully enrich the lives of. 

With that goal in mind, I would like to introduce long time friend, almost as long time guide and mentor and recent KPeasey Board member, John David Johnson, who was kind enough to share his thoughts, ideas and visions of the Kyle Pease Foundation and Walking with Kpeasey. 

John David Johnson has become one of my dearest friends and someone that I love and respect. It is with absolute pleasure that we have brought him on as a member of the Kpeasey Board and with equal pleasure that I present him to you today.