Hello all!

Every now and then it's good take a deep breath and sit with the people you care about deeply.  So today Brent and I decided to sit down together to discuss several topics.  Including a great win by our Atlanta Braves :)
I think it is very important to do something like this every once in awhile, to let those close to us know how much they mean to us.  In today's fast paced world that isn't always the case.  But no matter the amount of time it's important that we share our love for one another.
So many of you mean so much to us and it is because of all of you that we can continue the growth of the foundation and all those we hope to motivate!  So in case you missed it we have a big announcement concerning a race that we hope will inspire many to join us in breaking down many more obstacles.  TOGETHER WE WHEEL!

Publix with my bro!
 Wanted to share with you all, some thoughts from one of our other all star pushers Liz who together with Justin took on the Georgia Publix Half Marathon:

Justin was a perfect partner in crime. This race was a first for me. I struggled on some of the hills, but Justin never gave up on me and never asked me to trade out with someone else. He was very supportive! We had a lot of people cheering us along the way. It was wonderful to hear from all of our supporters and to cheer for them as well. Justin and I hooted and hollered most of the race. This experience will definitely be a memory I will keep!
-Liz Miller
Volunteer, Athlete, Supporter
Justin and Liz showing off some hardware
Seeing Justin and Liz together out there helped me to better appreciate what our foundation is all about.  When you have 10 friends together in a race, the same race that all 18,000 participants took on it brings a smile to my face.  I cannot wait for more races and even more athletes to realize that TOGETHER WE WHEEL!!

5k Athletes crossing the finish.  TOGETHER