I think some of my favorite posts are the race reports, they are a big part of what we do.  A foundation with a mission to improve the lives of disabled through sport, why not hear about the accomplishments?!?  But the goal was never to just write about what I did.  What I did with my brothers...No we wanted to share that gift.  Let others see what a joy athletics can be and more importantly when we share that same field as everyone else.

In just over a week we will be taking 8 athletes to The Publix Half Marathon & Cutie's 5k.  I cannot tell you all how excited I am to be taking part in such a great occasion for our foundation.  Of course this calls for a celebration right?? So in case you haven't done so already please make sure you join us next Thursday to celebrate the occasion & pick up new KPeasey shirts to wear on race day.

I'd like to turn the focus to two of our athletes competing in the Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) with us this year.  They are Justin Knight and Curtis Ward.  Justin Knight is from Conyers, GA and may have mentioned his desire to go skydiving one day...  They call him J Dude and he pretty pumped about the crowds on race day.    So now the race reports make sense as Justin will be sharing his race report with us after completing his first 13.1 mile race!! His mom plans to run with him for part of the race along with some friends of ours from our new partners at LocumTenens.com. We simply cannot say enough great things about all of their support in every way.  We look forward to seeing them on the course with J Dude & his family!
Curtis Ward is a long time friend of mine.  Curtis and I have played wheelchair baseball together and wheelchair soccer, but when I ran into Curtis at the movies, where he works, I realized he had to come see what endurance racing was all about.  It wasn't like the other sports we had played together.  It was hard to describe to Curtis what it's like rolling across the pavement with 18,000 of your closest friends and people all over the streets screaming at you to go faster. So we gave it a test run in November and Curtis' response was pretty simple..."When is the next one?"

No Curtis, we won't be sipping on coffee before the race this time
So we look forward to hearing Curtis & Justin's race report next time and for me? Well, I look forward to a great day for all the KPeasey heroes as we take the line as brothers.  Because  TOGETHER WE WHEEL!!!!

Hugs & Hand Pounds