Hi there, my name is Sam Harrison and I'm on the board of directors for the Kyle Pease Foundation. I'm also a worker, but most importantly, I'm a good friend to Kyle.  Recently I suggested to the board that we do a rock concert fundraiser to raise money for the foundation. This way I could combine two of my passions...rock n' roll and the Kyle Pease Foundation. 
Rainy night wasn't going to slow us down
I was pretty nervous going into the whole thing because I've never put on a full event on my own. There were so many different things I had to work out in order to make the night a success, but many late nights and emails later, the event came and went of without a hitch. We had 5 bands that volunteered their time for a great cause. A special thanks to those bands for sharing their music and time with us all!! 
I've known Kyle for almost four years, and as Kyle spoke he shared what friends, workers and supporters mean to him to help paint the bright picture of all our work.  
From photo left: Sam (me), Kyle, Ben Spears (Board Chair), Christina Young (KPF Athelte)
 One of the biggest parts of our night was the opportunity to introduce Christina Young, our newest athlete in person.  Christina who we introduced in our blog last week is quite the athlete and we are very proud to be a sponsor to her.

Christina chatting with Ben during the event

I cannot thank you all enough, our supporters, for coming out and helping make this event a success for KPF.  We look forward to seeing you all at our bowling event this fall and will be sure to keep you up to speed on new happenings for our foundation.   

-Sam Harrison


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