The National Junior Disability Championships will take place from July 21-28, in Mesa, Arizona.  The Kyle Pease Foundation is pleased to sponsor Christina Young as she takes on the field in several events.  We recently sat down with Christina to ask her to discuss her upcoming competition.  Come out and meet Christina, at our event this Thursday, along with Kyle Pease and some great live music.

KPF Athlete Christina Young

KPF: What sports do you compete in? What event are you competing in as a KPF/Blaze athlete?

CY: I compete in wheelchair racing - road races as well as track and field. [I also] compete in wheelchair basketball.  I am competing in the National Junior Disability Championships where I will be competing in the track and field events including the 100, 200, 400, 800, shot put, javelin, and discus.

KPF: Wow! That's amazing!! Why did you start competing in sports?

CY: I started competing in sports at a very young age, after seeing my brothers play sports. I always wanted to play with them and beat them, so my family searched and found local wheelchair sports organizations. I always loved sports because of the enjoyment I get out of them, as well as all the new people I meet, and the pure feeling of competitiveness. But now that I am older, I also compete because of the health benefits of working out and playing sports. 

KPF: Being healthy is a great benefit and so is that thrill of competition. What/Who Motivates you?

CY: The fact that I love sports and will always love sports, as well as the competitiveness in me motivates me.  The strive to always be a healthy person also motivates me.   As well as the feeling when people who don't know about wheelchair sports realize what we can do.  

KPF: That is just awesome to see that inner drive.  We are so excited that you are racing under our banner as well as with your great team, Blaze Sports. What brought you to KPF/Walking?

CY: KPF came to a camp I was working at, Blaze Sports Camp, a camp for kids with disabilities. And when I heard Kyle's story, I knew that this was the kind of thing that is perfect for me to be a part of.   I knew it would be a better way for me to get out there and spread the word about what we can do, as well as I knew I could help spread the word about KPF around the country. 
Kyle speaking to Blaze Sports Camp

KPF: We appreciate that and hope that our future athletes have your same attitude and drive! What does KPF mean to you?

CY: It means that other people like me, with disabilities, have a chance to show the world we can compete in sports. [It means] that we can still run marathons, triathlons, and even a simple track meet. It means that If I want to do something, I should, and nothing should stop me or anyone else.

KPF: Well I wouldn't call a track meet simple :)  We are so proud to be behind you and along with all of our supporters, wish you nothing but the best.  We will be sure to post updates to facebook/twitter during your events and look forward to your race report after!

We hope to see many of you at our event this Thursday so we might continue to put more people like Christina Young into competition and share the thrill of the finish line.  We appreciate the opportunity to grow with you, our supporters, for it is you who make this all possible!

Hugs and Hand Pounds :)

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